Thursday, August 31, 2017

PLC Notes 8/28/17

Troop 705
Patrol Leader Council

·       Opening
o   Meeting called to order by SPL Nick M. @ 7:07 pm
·       Roll call
o    SPL Nick M, Zack M, Andrew D, Owen G, JJ H, Gabe G, Mr. and Mrs. Mirza, ASM Mr. Ginger and ASM Mr. Bucey
o   Minutes/ Notes from last meeting were read and approved
·       Patrol Leader Report
o   Good Ole Boyz- Bryce B. earned the rank of Eagle
o   Ninjroids- Nothing to report because they are now part of the Good Ole Boyz.
o   Electric Penguins- Owen L. finish his SM conference for Tenderfoot just waiting for BOR
o   Smor’ons- Owen B and Gabe G earned the rank of Star.
o   Pirate Turtles- Nothing to report.
o   Trollz- Donny W is not moving to WI until the spring. PL also reported that he is unsure if Daniel S is still going to be in scout. Daniel is now home schooled and has not talk or seen him for a while.
o   Troop Guide- Not at meeting and nothing to report
·       Old Business
o   The goals were reviewed and will be visited at future PLC to stay on track
o   Troop meeting being extended to one hour and a half was mention and tabled.
·       Program / Meeting Plans

o   September  Pioneering
§  September 5th Rope making (Good Ole Boyz)
§  September 12th Knots/ Lashing ( Smor’ons)
·       Planning for patrol challenge
o   Challenge was decided at meeting
o   Patrol meeting to finish by Competition
·       Patrol Activity Eight Knot Contest
§  September 16th Popcorn sales and Pec thing
§  September 17th COH (Gabe G) and Annual planning meeting following
§  September 19th Patrol Challenge Build
·       Mr. Huggins House
§  September 22-24 Wisconsin River Trip/Campout
§  September 26th Patrol Challenge Competition
§  September 30 – October 1 Gun Show???

o   October Shooting Sports
§  October 3rd Gun Safety
§  October 10th BOR/MB prerequisite for shooting sports
§  October 17th Patrol Competition “Nerf course”
§  October 21-22 Holidazzle pumpkin sales??
§  October 24th Clean/ Organization of troop trailers
§  October 31st Halloween Party
§  October 13-15 Campout Fall Camporee

o   November Cooking
§  November 7th Cooking Safety ( Mr. Mirza)
§  November 14th BOR / Patrol Box cleaning/Inventory
§  November 17-19 campout Location TBA
§  November 21st Swim Night Boylan Pool
§  November 28th Wreath / Christmas tree Sales Door to Door

·       New Business
o   An invite a friend to scouting night was brought up and thinking the swim night would be the best choose for it.
o   ASM Bucey also reminded us to remember to have a fall campout for the new boys that will be crossing over in the spring.
o   Retention and Advancements are looking good but need to push the recruiting efforts to reach troop goals.
·       Scoutmaster Time
o   ASM Bucey ask for help with Blast into Scouting Recruit night September 14th at the church. This is not only for Cub Scouts but for Boy Scouts also and meeting turned back over to SPL
·       Closing
o   Next PLC September 25th
o   SPL Nick adjourned the meeting @ 8:22pm

Respectfully submitted by
Mr. Bucey

Troop 705 ASM

Wednesday, May 3, 2017



If you and/or your scout are planning to attend Tesomas Summer Camp July 30- Aug 5, please review the attached information ASAP! 

WE NEED YOUR T-SHIRT SIZE BY MAY 4TH. This information should be provided directly to Mr. Bucey by calling or texting 815-985-3221.

Scouts must select their merit badge courses (located on the last page of the attached documents) by next week's meeting. These fill up FAST so it's important to get your selections made!

MicroTrek - MUST be at least 13 years of age AND First Class Rank - All activities must be selected by next week's meeting!

No fees due at this time. Click on the links below for detailed information.

Tesomas Summer Camp Info

MicroTrek Information

Leader Information